Last three days and PvP, how I have missed thee.

Last three days

Right. Heya! In the span of the past three days, I’ve done the following:

Woke up at seven in the morning, took a bus, then a plane, then waited two hours for another bus, celebrated my mother’s birthday, went to school for the first time in a week, celebrated the anniversary of an art gallery (I played there with a couple of people from music school), went to a music festival (this particular one was interesting, I spent around four hours there and played once. ) aaaand celebrated my great grandmother’s 83rd birthday.

Feels good, gentlemen. Feels good.

On a side note,

PvP, how I have missed thee.

I have recently began to do PvP again. Raven dinged her green midget shaman, so we’ve begun to do arenas, and thus, the 383 rating team Violet Bumblebees emerged from the cess-pit that is the Arena Creation screen.

I’ve forgotten how fun it is to run around like a pinball, bashing faces in with an Elementium Mindcrusher 😀

Well, that’s that, good bye folks!




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The latency… it mocks me.

Greetings, viewers.

I have recently been having problems with latency. And today I have noticed something quite, quite interesting about it.

The latency started a number of days ago. I would click a spell, load a link, and it would take quite a while for it to load. Needless to say, after a whole day of such lag, I went delirious. Bonkers.

Imagine my joy, when I logged in to WoW and the magical, magical green monitor, symbolizing great efficiency and smoothness! I pranced around like a little girl on my classy light-green pyromaniac, but, alas, it was not to be. When I tried to open the skull of a bear with a meteor, the little green monitor turned mad at me. It went red.

Delusions again! I could do literally nothing thorough the day! If I wouldn’t of had people to talk to, I’d probably had let the lady-with-forks make me a Glasgow smiley.

And the next day, green again! I shouted in happiness, and the green continued for quite a while. Raven logged on, and I, obviously, started to brag.

And the clear, clear game I had suddenly went FWOOSH and walked right back into disaster. I was crushed. No casting and no flame makes Jonas a dull boy… back to green, ya- yellow, again? Oh, it went gre- wait, my bad.

And so it continued for the rest of the day, gradually rotting my brain away… or, that might just be the game itself.

And and and. Why do I use that word so?

Anyhoozits. It’s been a pleasure writing this for you, friend. Until next time.


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Introduction, wee.

I welcome you, friend, to my new blog.

My name is Jonas, I am a 14 year old Lithuanian boy. I play the saxophone, study Norwegian and German, and I am an avid player of World of Warcraft.

I also love anything else Blizzard has ever done.

Anyhoo, I seem to have gone a tiny bit off topic. Anyhoo. I love that word. Don’t you? Anyhoo!

Right. Focus, Jonas. Focus.

Why have I named this blog Top hats n’ Monocles? Of course, because I want to own a pair one day, but also because classy people wear them.

And what do classy people do? That’s right, play alot of classes! And seeing as I’m an altoholic, I have quite a bit of a variety of classes at my disposal.

I created this blog out of nothingness. For… eh… no reason at all? Guess I’ll just be posting random stuff in here now and then! But I like to have order. Rules. Boundaries.

So then, friend, I bring to you, the Vows of the Classy!

Classy Vow #1: I vow to, without stop, make a post in this classy blog atleast once per week until I get completely and utterly bored of it, or my fingers are chaffed and ground to dust.

Classy Vow #2: I vow to, one day, get an actual top hat and show it off to you, the reader.

Classy Vow #3: I vow to always try and keep grammar mistakes out of my texts. ‘Cause I know how some people get weird about things like that. 😀

Classy Vow #4: I vow to refrain from excessive swearing, even when rage is upon me at it’s highest point.

Classy Vow #5: I vow to make this blog great and powerful! Or, atleast, popular.

I shall make more Vows as I go along, but for now, these five stand.

And with that, I take my leave, for now. Until next we meet, friend!

Until next we meet.


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