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Well, damn.

Sorry about no update last week guys, didn’t have anything to say aside from the fact that wednesday to sunday I was coughing hard. Felt as if there’s a knife stuck sideways in my throat every time I coughed ( and trust me, I coughed a lot).

New stuff is coming soon, guys.


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It peneterates your will.

Hello, readers.

I’ve been having a very boring, unimaginative week… outside. Inside, I was having a blast.

Since my computer is in Norway at the moment, I’ve been using my mom’s laptop, which, well, isn’t all too good. I can’t play the watcher of souls*, so I’ve been playing Minecraft. A lot.

I’ll be completely honest to you. It’s a scary game. Not just because of the fact that a green, crotch shaped zombie could come behind you and blow up half your house, oh no. It’s the fact that when you start playing, you can’t stop. Not easily, at least.

You just get that need to build, to make everything perfect. To hollow out the whole world. And the need is so great, you don’t even feel the hours passing through your head and into the paws of Death, you spend hours upon hours staring at your computer screen, hoping that entering the cave system you just uncovered doesn’t explode in your face.

But it’s fun. So, I urge you**, go download it, play it. It might not have the looks, but it has amazing gameplay.

So amazing, you might not notice as the sun outside rises and falls, over and over again.



** Again.


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Hello, viewers.

I’d like you to explain something very simple.

Yesterday was a fairly nice day, a bit to the cold side, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Today, I wake up, I look out of the window. Guess what?

It snowed through the night.

Then it snowed while I was outside.

Then it snowed while I was listening to people talking on Skype.

EXPLAIN IT TO ME, how can it SNOW after a week of searing heat and no rain? How?

Weather man, make up your miiind.

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Today, I found myself unable to form a coherent paragraph. I keep going off and writing random stuff, very rarely about what I needed to write about.

So, here are my ramblings, for I cannot think of anything else to do.


The teacher.

An astounding creature. They seem to be very human – but at the same time, make mistakes and decisions that seem completely and utterly illogical in any possible situation.

Take this for an example. We were having p. ed. outside (because it was hot as hell). The teachers told the people who want to play football go play football, and those who want to play basketball that they had to do four laps and go play basketball. This was understandable for me, because basketballers run around a lot less than footballers. We did the four laps, but when we went to the basketball court, someone else was already playing there. They didn’t let us play with them. We didn’t care all too much and went to do something else.

The amazing teachers came up to us, and even after we told them they didn’t let us play, they told us to shut up and go run laps for the rest of the lesson ‘for not doing anything’. Me and my friend thought ‘screw that’ and just walked a couple laps before going to the court.

Amazingly, the teachers didn’t seem to notice.


Windows at summer…

They have their ups and downs. Pros and cons. And the cons are so bad that it almost keeps me from opening the window for oxygen.


By the means of magic, decreases the temperature in your room.

You can throw stuff out of it!

Lets you breathe.


Lets other people throw stuff through your window.

Signals everyone that you’re inside your house and not in the countryside, like you told everyone.

And, worst of all.

Mosquitos. Bees. And every nasty piece of you-know-what known to man.

I hate every single insect in the world, but the good thing is that most insects can’t reach me when I’m on my chair. But these insects, they’ve found every damn code in God’s cheat-book, they… ugh, I just cringe every single time I see one of them.

Worst thing is, in Lithuanian, firefly would translate into ‘Jonas beetle’.


Sadness ;(

Computer and half my books going to Norway tommorow.

And that’s all you’re going to get, I don’t feel like talking ’bout that subject.


Have you ever had the strange feeling, when you read a book for the first time and it doesn’t seem too good, you put it away, and when you take the book to read it again, you read the part you’ve read before, then, reading forward, you find something you haven’t read before, but the strange part is, when you read more, you find stuff you’ve already read before. Creepy.


Granny Rannie! ^^


My hands hurt after writing all of this…


Why aren’t I going to bed yet.


Screwin’ around the blog theme.

It’s really fun, until you find a theme that looks awesome, but onto which you can’t find a fitting backround.

Then it just gets depressing.


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Easter holiday.

Seeing as this week was Easter holiday, no update for you this week.

Happy Easter. Well, happy Easter tommorow.


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Rabid fourth-grade piranhas


Today, during the break between the fourth and the fifth lesson, me and a couple of classmates went outside to play. It was a warm, sunny day. We went near the football field and started knocking our ball around, playing ‘hot potato’ or somesuch.

Of course, around us, other people were playing as well. When some fourth-graders dropped their ball next to us, a classmate of mine started kicking it around, out of their reach. Of course, they get it back after a while. The event repeats itself a couple of times. When they took their ball again, I figured I could just walk up to them, snatch it out of their hand and toss it to my classmates.

Turns out, they weren’t so willing to let go of it.

The boy who was holding the ball stood back and an estimate of fifteen children 1/3rd the size of me were trying to bring me down as if I was Godzilla. It was… funny, to say the least. I was literally choking with laughter, and so were my classmates. Because of said laughter, it was hard to get out of their grip, but, eventually, half of them were laid on the ground. I remember some kid jumping on my back, who I dropped over my head on to the grass.

Ah, it was fun. I was a bit late for Math, but the teacher didn’t seem to mind all that much.

Unrelated note #1: I’ve noticed I’m rarely ever on WoW lately, so I figured I should cancel my subscription and take a break for a month or two. Friends on WoW, please don’t let Jaf kick me. Preeeetty pleeease :l

Unrelated note #2: Had my Music History exam on Thursday the 13th. Was in two parts, one of them I hope I aced, the other one I hope I didn’t screw up too bad.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll see you next time.


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Hurrah, music school’s ending soon!

Well… not all too hurrah.

You see, this year I’m finishing music school.

That means exams… a lot of exams.

Monday I’ll have to play my two saxophone songs, by heart. Wednesday, music history exam, april 29th, one of the solfedis exams.

I forgot when the other solfedis exam is.

And, of course, there’ll be a lot of stuff in school… truly, a black month approaches.

Good bye, for now. Prepare for dark days ahead.

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It looks into your soul.

I’ve been playing League of Legends for ‘rooound… eh…

I-lost-count-of-it-days. Yeah, lets call it that.

And for the past… eh… I-lost-count-of-it-days I’ve been doing nothing but play League of Legends.

Goddamnit that thing is addictive. But it’s so damn awesome I can’t even describe it. I mean really, WHAT KIND OF FOUL DEMON COULD MAKE A GAME SO GO~!@#% /dc

/straightens up

Right. I urge you, go play it. Go register on it, go play it, get addicted, get me referrals, oh god what’s happening NO GO AWAY ARGH-


In other news, started reading A Game of Thrones. I’ve also noticed that most fantasy books nowadays have scenes that heeeeeeavily suggest intercourse.

At one point with fourty thousand men. And their horses.




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Hello, readers… /falls to side

I need sleep. I freaking need sleep. Since the clock got a flaming boot up it’s arse, it went an hour to the front.

So I got an hour less sleep.

At first, it didn’t seem to be much a difference. Alas, lesson #2 and up I was sleeping. Good thing the lessons were shortened.

Back home I tried PvP – popped reck, retaliation, heroic leaped out the second the gates opened in Twin Peaks and bladestormed, thinking there’s someone there.


Other than that… damn, it was a boring week.


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Breathin’ dust and catalogin’ books.

For the last… ehr… four or five hours, I’ve been doing nothing but lobbing books back and forth and writing down their names on my computer. And breathing dust while doing it. Guess what the grand total is?

314. 314 goddamned books. At first I believed it to be 308. Helene said I had 314 – then I noticed that I didn’t include the book I’m reading at the moment. So 309. Then I remembered the three Warcraft books I left at Norway – 312. I then said I have 312 books, she said only two left.

Mom came and started clearing the table and checking the drawers. She found another book. 313. I checked the other drawers… found some easyread Norwegian book… 314.


I’ll be posting my list of books when I’m finished editing them around. Cya.


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