My name is Jonas Vizinis, I’m 14 years old. I am from Lithuania, if you don’t know where that it go to the kitchen and cut your fingers off.

Just joking. Go to Google Maps and search it up. πŸ˜€

Right. I’m at my last year in Music School, I play with a Saxophone and a piano. It’s quite fun, really. Just gets a teeny bit boring after you miss a lesson and the teacher starts yelling at you for not wanting to finish with good grades.


I love music in general. Give me any kind of music and I may or may not like it, depends on the song more than the genre. But don’t come anywhere near me with rap. I don’t even consider that music. Rap along with prepubescent morons screaming on top of their voices in the microphone.

I don’t see how that could be remotely entertaining.

My favorite composer is Hans Zimmer, favorite band… Globus, I think. I don’t listen to alot of band music. And my favorite guy-who-makes-music-with-Fruity-Loops is Envy. He’s awesome, go check him out, he’s on Newgrounds

I read… a LOT of books. I have two crammed bookshelves filled with books – last time I counted there was aprox. 200. Favorite genre is Fantasy. But there are books from other genres I might find interesting.

Favorite author is Philipp Pullman. No doubts here.

I also consider myself a gamer! Yes, I consider myself a gamer, when I have played nothing more than World of Warcraft for the past year and a half. Tho I started waay before that. I’ll be showing off my characters another time.

I have a cat named Kate. She’s… mad. She’s dark, dark brown and going white in some places. We usually call her a trained panzer cat, if you do anything to annoy her in the slightest, you can bet your hand’ll be in stitches the next day(a bit of an exaggeration here, but ah well. What can I do? :p) Either that or she won’t let you sleep. At all(sadly, this is true).

My parents are divorced, been so for a while. Tho I don’t really miss my dad, seeing as I barely knew him beforehand. I have a brother, he’s 19.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your stay at Top hats n’ Monocles πŸ™‚




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