It peneterates your will.

13 May

Hello, readers.

I’ve been having a very boring, unimaginative week… outside. Inside, I was having a blast.

Since my computer is in Norway at the moment, I’ve been using my mom’s laptop, which, well, isn’t all too good. I can’t play the watcher of souls*, so I’ve been playing Minecraft. A lot.

I’ll be completely honest to you. It’s a scary game. Not just because of the fact that a green, crotch shaped zombie could come behind you and blow up half your house, oh no. It’s the fact that when you start playing, you can’t stop. Not easily, at least.

You just get that need to build, to make everything perfect. To hollow out the whole world. And the need is so great, you don’t even feel the hours passing through your head and into the paws of Death, you spend hours upon hours staring at your computer screen, hoping that entering the cave system you just uncovered doesn’t explode in your face.

But it’s fun. So, I urge you**, go download it, play it. It might not have the looks, but it has amazing gameplay.

So amazing, you might not notice as the sun outside rises and falls, over and over again.



** Again.


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2 responses to “It peneterates your will.

  1. Helene

    2011/05/14 at 1:07 am

    That game is scary, indeed.
    Seen Herobrine yet?

  2. Raven

    2011/05/15 at 6:40 pm

    Stop Minecrafting and start talking to me again you silly afkman on online on msn with—

    GAH quit the fudging minecraftcrap.


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