29 Apr

Today, I found myself unable to form a coherent paragraph. I keep going off and writing random stuff, very rarely about what I needed to write about.

So, here are my ramblings, for I cannot think of anything else to do.


The teacher.

An astounding creature. They seem to be very human – but at the same time, make mistakes and decisions that seem completely and utterly illogical in any possible situation.

Take this for an example. We were having p. ed. outside (because it was hot as hell). The teachers told the people who want to play football go play football, and those who want to play basketball that they had to do four laps and go play basketball. This was understandable for me, because basketballers run around a lot less than footballers. We did the four laps, but when we went to the basketball court, someone else was already playing there. They didn’t let us play with them. We didn’t care all too much and went to do something else.

The amazing teachers came up to us, and even after we told them they didn’t let us play, they told us to shut up and go run laps for the rest of the lesson ‘for not doing anything’. Me and my friend thought ‘screw that’ and just walked a couple laps before going to the court.

Amazingly, the teachers didn’t seem to notice.


Windows at summer…

They have their ups and downs. Pros and cons. And the cons are so bad that it almost keeps me from opening the window for oxygen.


By the means of magic, decreases the temperature in your room.

You can throw stuff out of it!

Lets you breathe.


Lets other people throw stuff through your window.

Signals everyone that you’re inside your house and not in the countryside, like you told everyone.

And, worst of all.

Mosquitos. Bees. And every nasty piece of you-know-what known to man.

I hate every single insect in the world, but the good thing is that most insects can’t reach me when I’m on my chair. But these insects, they’ve found every damn code in God’s cheat-book, they… ugh, I just cringe every single time I see one of them.

Worst thing is, in Lithuanian, firefly would translate into ‘Jonas beetle’.


Sadness ;(

Computer and half my books going to Norway tommorow.

And that’s all you’re going to get, I don’t feel like talking ’bout that subject.


Have you ever had the strange feeling, when you read a book for the first time and it doesn’t seem too good, you put it away, and when you take the book to read it again, you read the part you’ve read before, then, reading forward, you find something you haven’t read before, but the strange part is, when you read more, you find stuff you’ve already read before. Creepy.


Granny Rannie! ^^


My hands hurt after writing all of this…


Why aren’t I going to bed yet.


Screwin’ around the blog theme.

It’s really fun, until you find a theme that looks awesome, but onto which you can’t find a fitting backround.

Then it just gets depressing.


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3 responses to “Ramblings

  1. Fin

    2011/04/29 at 4:39 pm

    The flies are a plague, but it does feel great letting them out and thinking “go on and live your life, kid. You’ve got a lot to learn.” But it also feels great to shout NUUUUUU and kill them.
    Nice post jojo 😀

  2. Jonas

    2011/04/29 at 6:57 pm

    I feel sorry for flies… they keep ramming the wrong windows.

  3. Saulius

    2011/04/30 at 1:22 pm

    You rock !


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